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Are You Stressed???

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? As if you can’t handle work, home, family, or life in general!!! The stress is piling up and you are not sure what to do. Well here are some quick tips to help manage stress so you don’t feel so chaotic in your life:

  1. Eat and drink sensibly. Alcohol and food abuse may seem to temporarily reduce stress, but it actually adds to it. Eat & drink healthy to be healthy.
  2. Assert yourself. You do not have to meet others’ expectations or demands. It’s okay to say “No”. Remember, being assertive allows you to stand up for your rights and beliefs while respecting those of others.
  3. Exercise regularly. Choose a non-competitive exercise and set reasonable goals. Aerobic exercise help release endorphins (natural substances that help you feel better and maintain a positive attitude).
  4. Study and practice relaxation techniques. Relax every day. Choose from a variety of techniques. Combine opposites; a time for deep relaxation and a time for aerobic exercise is a sure way to protect your body from the ill-effects of stress.
  5. Start taking responsibility. Control what you can and leave behind what you cannot control.
  6. Learn to manage your time. Many people find that life is filled with too many demands and too little time. For the most part, these demands are ones we have chosen. Effective time-management skills involve asking for help when appropriate, setting priorities, pacing yourself, and taking time out for yourself.
  7. Examine your values and live by them. The more your actions reflect your beliefs, the better you will feel, no matter how busy your life is. Stick to your values when choosing your activities.
  8. Set realistic goals and expectations. It’s okay, and healthy, to realize you cannot be 100% successful at everything at once. It’s good to be successful at some tasks than failing at all tasks.

Stress is nothing more than just your state of mind, take small steps to be happy and to be more positive in life and soon it’ll become a habit.

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