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EUROPEAN UNION / EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AREA: Kusum's global manufacturing hubs of Bhiwadi Block II, Rajasthan & SEZ-Pithampur Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India are now EU GMP certified!!!

Kusum Healthcare is a responsible employer, employing over 2100 highly qualified specialists across the globe. Using our global experience, knowledge, and technology in medicine, we strive to meet patients’ needs by offering efficient medicines at affordable prices to everyone. Our focus is not only to drive business but also to motivate our people with high integrity, commitment, passion, speed, and seamlessness are at the heart of the work culture. We strongly believe in fostering excellence and building a competent and happy workforce.



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Our culture is a result of our core beliefs. At Kusum, we appreciate personal responsibility, teamwork, and mutual respect while focusing on results, striving towards continuous improvement, and openness to everything new.

We value our employees and take care of them, and we strongly believe that our employees and effective teamwork have helped us become a successful global company.




P – Passionate – We are passionate about what we do, and we try to imbibe the same values in our employees as well. We believe that passion leads to innovation which further leads to excellence in every step, a critical need for the pharmaceutical industry.

E – Ethical – Honesty and transparency are the foundation on which our business and work practices are built. At the workplace and with our partners and our customers, we promote ethical values of doing operations, building a higher level of the comprehensive trust factor.

R – Respect – Inculcate a deeply ingrained habit of respecting work peers in every possible aspect, working together as a team while shunning all concepts of superiority for more equality-driven work culture.

F – Fairness – Our company has a close-knit team of professionals where everyone has maximum opportunities to perform, progress & emerge as a thorough professional.

E – Equality – We aim to provide equal opportunities, a sense of team spirit that goes right down to our roots. Providing our employees with a feeling of openness through an open and wall-free environment, gender-neutral pays, and equal opportunities contribute to an uncommon place to work and excel.

C – Customer Oriented – Kusum healthcare is committed to developing and implementing long-term sustainable solutions to contribute to global health. Our business model is driven by improving affordability, availability, and access to high-quality medicines globally.

T – Team Work – We do our best to enable each employee to realize his potential and create a conducive work environment for further development, whether in scientific activity, production technology, or management. The spirit of teamwork and team achievement is deeply ingrained in our work culture. Regardless of their position or hierarchy, each employee is motivated to support/counsel others and help achieve the larger organizational goals.

Perks and Benefits


We at Kusum Healthcare have a multi-cultural, dynamic, and transparent, professional working environment, where people from diverse backgrounds come together as one team to deliver results. We promote a positive can-do work culture allowing each one to work towards delivering their best, constantly learning new things, and growing in their respective domains.


From the most modern and tastefully designed office space to the latest in office equipment, we ensure that our employees get the best and the latest to supplement them, perform better, and enhance the workforce's overall efficiency.


Highly self-motivated employees are an asset to any organization. So we take special measures to motivate each employee and help them surpass their own best. Special emphasis is laid on initiatives such as competitive compensation, performance incentives, and recognition rewards. We have also developed a performance-based reward structure that recognizes people who have delivered great results and have the right values for our business.


We pay special attention to providing each employee with training to help hone their skills and develop the required skill sets to do their job in the best possible manner. From the first days of their employment, Beginners work together with their mentors, who help join the friendly team as efficiently as possible. At the same time, regular training ensures all-around holistic skill development & maintenance throughout the year.

Fun at Kusum

Life at Kusum Healthcare is all about enjoying the simpler things in life. We work hard, and we celebrate the little things that bring us great joy. We take pride in our people at the core of our business, and we believe in making Kusum Healthcare a fun working place by keeping our employees motivated and inspired.

Office Space

An energetic workplace is a happy workplace. With this in mind, all our office spaces have been tastefully designed with ample natural lights and color elements that bring a lot of positivity. In addition, each employee gets their very own workstation with dedicated storage spaces and all the latest amenities to make them feel at home while away from home.

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