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Quality Policy

Kusum Healthcare Pvt Ltd is committed to manufacturing world-class medicines that contribute to the community’s health and well-being. We are committed to the highest levels of quality and will ensure that all our facilities, offices and entities continue to meet & exceed the quality standards.

Quality is considered paramount at all locations where we conduct development, manufacturing, testing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Our operations are driven by best-in-class technology and processes, abiding by major regulatory approvals.

We focus on providing comprehensive customer satisfaction. We give great importance to the quality of our products and services. As a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, we have a special responsibility. To this end, we have established a comprehensive quality assurance system. Our product quality is assured by our implementation and continuing adherence to the latest international GMP Standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) in production, quality control and comprehensive quality management.

We see ourselves as a reliable partner for doctors, pharmacists and our customers, who prescribe, recommend and use our products. In addition to the quality and safety of our pharmaceutical products, another key objective in our work is providing a high level of service.

The comprehensive range of information on our products and how to use them, from the raw materials used to the manufacturing process to the scientific publication of clinical research results that we make available, e.g. via our public relations activities, websites and in direct contact with our customers, reflects our endeavour to provide high levels of transparency and a strong customer focus.

We are committed to our utmost responsibility towards society and expect the same from our partners.

Our Commitment:

  • Manage our business based on clear and measurable objectives and timelines.
  • Use our customers’ feedback to bring innovation and efficiency in our products & processes.
  • Ensure our employees have the appropriate training, skills and experience.
  • Follow our leadership framework.
  • Follow laws and regulations.
  • We distance ourselves from all forms of corruption and discrimination.

On the basis of our manufacturing license, the supervisory authority confirms our GMP compliance in production, quality control and quality management on an on­going basis by means of regular GMP inspections.